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We’re excited and absolutely delighted to welcome you to our new Resilience Blog.  In our posts we’ll be trying to make a small contribution to the mission of supporting poor people and communities in developing countries to withstand and overcome the complex shocks and stresses that affect them, and gain a fairer share of wealth and stability in an unpredictable world.  As we begin our blogging journey, we know we are one among many excellent spaces online where ideas are shared and debates aired on these issues – and we’d like to set out how we hope to contribute.

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The creation of this blog has been inspired in particular by DAI’s recent launch of a new Expert Advisory Call Down Service (EACDS) to provide flexible support on challenges relating to strengthening resilience and response to crises.  This is one of four EACDS recently established under contract to the DFID, targeting a range of development challenges and supporting all UK government departments providing overseas development assistance, as well as other donors.  To provide this service DAI’s Know How Lab houses a dedicated, specialised Secretariat working with a wide network of over 60 partners to respond rapidly to EACDS user needs over a wide spectrum of tasks and challenges in development and humanitarian programmes.  The ‘About EACDS’ tab shows that breadth: – risk analysis for all sectors of development investment; responding to emerging crises –  be that weather or natural disaster, health alerts or conflict; harmonising development and humanitarian action, and understanding wider economic and social changes and how to reflect them in programming.

What’s clear is that increasing resilience requires coordinated and complementary action across a wide range of sectors, geographies and societal groups.  Improved ability to overcome short term hazards like earthquakes or epidemics and long term challenges like climate change, within the already complex socio-economic and political contexts in which poor communities live and work and in spite of the disadvantages they face, is an immensely complicated challenge. It needs real step changes in approach and collaboration from stakeholders, and the construction of new cross-disciplinary analytical and planning tools.  This need underpins the scope of our EACDS service and the breadth and approach of our Secretariat and consortium.  And crucially we are aware that, through the service, clients across UK government and beyond are all working at the crossroads and boundaries of disciplines and current evidence. They will be commissioning work to explore highly innovative ideas and test new initiatives – and share the results and lessons learnt.

This blog has been created to help share that unique learning with everyone focussing on these challenges, and to discuss with them how to build on and use these results more widely.

So the ‘what’ that we hope to bring is

  • News and updates on recently published results of work commissioned through the service
  • Key learning and insights coming out of those pieces – both individually and across the portfolio
  • Our best efforts to link what we see coming through the work of the service with the results and findings of other activities we are involved in, and of other partners in development
  • Our response to, and appreciation of, the work done by the other expert services and discussions in resilience and disaster response

And who is ‘we’?

Well, this blog is led by the DAI Know How Lab team and EACDS Secretariat: Cathy, Max, Mollie, Christian and Natka.  But with our DAI and consortium colleagues’ deep experience of thinking through the questions of resilience across different disciplines, we aim to bring you a diverse range of voices and contributions through the posts. And finally we’d love to work with our readers to actively exchange and develop ideas – we very much hope to receive your comments and guidance on any post, so we can take these discussions as far as useful and possible.

With a demand led service, we feel excited about where this discussion will lead. Please stay in touch!

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We’re excited and absolutely delighted to welcome you to our new Resilience Blog.  In our posts we’ll be trying to make a small contribution to the mission …

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